Composer and Orchestrator for Film, Games and TV. United Kingdom



Orchestration is the act of organising composed music for performance for real musicians, or different musicians than the source. This can mean taking a piano score and turning it into an orchestral piece, or a big band jazz track, or vice versa. It can be tricky getting your tracks playable by actual people, especially when composed in software form on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

That’s where I come in! If you’re a composer who needs your track orchestrated or arranged into an ensemble/orchestra piece, or if you’re a director/producer looking for an arrangement of a pre-existing piece for your film/game, please get in touch with all the details here. Make sure you own the relevant copyrights that allow use of pre-existing material.

Furthermore, I can arrange studio recording sessions which will get you the absolute best sound, and provide excellent promotional value for your film/game.

Contact me for more information regarding these types of services.