Composer and Orchestrator for Film, Games and TV. United Kingdom

Copy of Lessons/Sessions

Guitar Lessons and Sessions



I am available for recording sessions both in studio and remotely. 

My studio consists of the following:

  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • Logic X and Pro Tools
  • Scarlett Interface
  • Shure SM57 & 58
  • MusicMan guitars
  • Fender amplification
  • Marshall amplification
  • Many different effects pedals

I have access to other recording equipment if needed, please get in touch!

Music Lessons

James has availability for lessons in the following categories:

  • Guitar (plectrum/classical)
  • Musical theory
  • Musical composition & orchestration

I specialise in the following styles:

  • jazz
  • blues
  • rock
  • country
  • classical
  • funk

For more information on pricing, availability or to book a place - please get in touch. Availability limited. 

Check out my Instagram vids below!

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