Composer and Orchestrator for Film, Games and TV. United Kingdom


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James Oliver Coulthard



I am a media composer, professional guitarist and teacher based in the United Kingdom. As a composer, I specialise in orchestral music but I also love working with ambient, jazz and various other styles with use of synthesisers and guitars. Thanks to my guitar background, I have also learned how to compose the more popular styles of music like blues, country, funk, folk and jazz. I always try my best to work towards my clients vision!

In my university days, where I studied Jazz, I learned and practiced the theory, compositional approach and improvisational styles involved in contemporary and traditional styles. My more recent training as a composer/orchestrator, combined with my jazz background helps me to express my ideas a lot clearer and efficiently, using more contemporary techniques and harmony.

I'm currently studying a masters degree in composition/orchestration for film/games/TV here in the UK.

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